1. Combine all liquid ingredients in a rocks glass
  2. Add ice and stir until chilled
  3. Garnish with a lemon twist
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Adapted From

Mezcal, Emma Janzen, 2017

This drink is a must try for fans of mezcal, so it’s no coincidence that Emma Janzen’s excellent … of the spirit, Mezcal, is where we first encountered it. We always admire a clear drink on the rocks, particularly if it promises to deliver bold flavor. Jan Warren’s unique creation hinges on two very dominating base spirits, with a dose of falernum serving as both sweetener and spice. The most apt description for this Old Fashioned riff is FLAVOR EXPLOSION.

Mezcal makes its presence known from the get go, providing a smoky whiff on the nose accompanied by the caramel-y funk of rum. The funky rum and smoky mezcal play together in really interesting ways, while falernum amps up some subtle tropical vibes. The result is very boozy, smoky and funky, with flavor building from caramel to smoky and vegetal with a bit of spice on the finish from the falernum.

A funky rum like Smith and Cross or Hamilton is a must to best stand up to mezcal. In terms of agave, we like Vago Espadin a lot in this mix. We’ve tried other mezcals and the result was not as successful. And as it borrows its form from the Old Fashioned, preparation is the easiest of easy, just build in a rocks glass, add a large cube and garnish with a lemon twist. So when you’d like your mouth to explode with mezcal, we say go for this little number.

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