Apres-Ski Swizzle

A winter tiki drink that sports the iconic combination of pineapple and chartreuse

NO 213
NO 213
Apres-Ski Swizzle cocktail photo



  1. Combine all ingredients in a tiki glass and top with crushed ice until full
  2. Swizzle with a swizzle stick or barspoon until chilled and garnish
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Adapted From

Easy Tiki, Chloe Frechette, 2020

Chartreuse and pineapple are one of the great pairs in the kingdom of cocktail flavors, and any cocktail which uses them as bedrock will gather the attention of our ever searching eyes. The apres-ski swizzle is one such cocktail, and as we flipped through the pages of the wonderful book Easy Tiki by Chloe Frechette, the sweet smell of this combination wafted from the book and alerted us to stop our endless page turning. As the name of the book makes obvious, this cocktail begins with a basic tiki framework. From there, it cashes in on its wintry epithet by employing the aforementioned chartreuse as well as a flavorful dark Barbados rum. The cocktail was originally created by Nathan Hazard from the Coconut Club in LA and as Frechette writes: “reads like a tiki on vacation in the Alps.” Reach for it after a long day of hitting the slopes (don’t fall asleep while drinking it) or just a nice day of throwing snowballs at your friends.

This drink sports tons of fruity pineapple on the nose, brown sugar provided by the rum, and the sort of complex herbal notes that only chartreuse can deliver. On the sip it is tangy at first, but the tang is tempered by the caramel notes and has a dark, warm feeling. The finish is thick and viscous from the orgeat and chartreuse. It provides a delightfully decadent mouthfeel and a sweet lingering flavor that lasts long after the sip finishes. Make sure to use green chartreuse in this recipe: we tried it with yellow and—while sometimes it doesn’t matter— it matters here. If you love this one, make sure to peruse the other cocktails we’ve covered that sport this wonderful and timeless flavor combination: the chartreuse swizzle and Pago Pago Cocktail.

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